Little You

“Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself.” We need these reminders y’know. About why we started and what we started for. In the midst of our short journey that seems so long, these often slips away from our thoughts.... Continue Reading →


Afflatus #1 (Thought for the Week)

“Know that You can start late, Look different, Be uncertain, And still succeed.” - Misty Copeland Really, this is something we all need to know. Something we all need to ingrain into the roots of our mind and never forget. Something that we must remind us each time we doubt ourselves. It’s okay. It’s okay... Continue Reading →

Breaking Through

“You know great things are coming when everything seems to be going wrong. Be patient.” Patience. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. It's funny, isn't it ? How sometimes, after you fight a battle of brick walls and stinging doubts of your own, when you finally think that perhaps you could do it,... Continue Reading →

Harsh Hours

-- poetry There are some moments in time when nothing seems so much as fine. When your ride just doesn’t seem to get on a straight line. It’s a way of showing you the defects of this world That it’s not just the good but often the bad too unfold. Yet it’s not to manifest... Continue Reading →

Dreams in a Desert

--poetry  Silent and serene. Wind blowing from somewhere within. Blazing in the light. And freezing when there's no sight.   Filled to its depth. There's no escape, even death. Yet, it's such a free space, You may find, not even a face.   You might find your dreams. Or you may weep and scream. There's... Continue Reading →

The Me in My Dreams. 

-- poetry   A little too far to reach. A little too near to see. A little too big to dream. A little too small to even consider.   Yet, You can reach it if you stretch a little more. You can see it if you step back a little more. You can dream big... Continue Reading →

The Road of Life — an ironic ride

-- poetry   Sometimes the longest rides are the most beautiful ones. And the most tiring days are the memorable ones.   Sometimes the people closest to the heart are so far away. And the distant ones are too close to see.   Sometimes the worst day is the best thing ever to happen. And... Continue Reading →


-- the outset.   " She counted the stars at night.  And shaped the clouds all day.  Her dreams did pile at a height.  But never made time to pray.  "A day will come.. For everything.." For long she held on for a storm-less flow.  "I will do. I will change. But not today. Let... Continue Reading →

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